Consulting Projects

Treasury Management Training

A large international organization based on the east coast of the U.S., who have a large number of people that are responsible for financial and treasury management, back office operations and accounting, has a commitment to continuous improvement and staff development.

Organization & Technology

A FTSE 100 international distribution company who is rapidly expanding its business and geographical position through acquisitions and organic growth.

Policy & Procedures

A multi-national company with a centralized treasury located in Europe managing substantial treasury activities is concerned that treasury policy is appropriate, complete and relevant, and that procedures are not designed and properly documented to ensure that operational risks including fraud, unauthorised position taking, error, regulatory breakdown and cyber risk are minimized.

Financial Modelling

A UK headquartered financial services group wanted to focus on the internal efficient deployment of capital to assist in strategic decisions on where best to employ incremental capital within products and markets based on a risk weighted returns model.

Financing and Debt Management

An energy company with a BBB+ credit rating has financing from a range of sources including private placements, multi-lateral agency debt, bank debt and trade finance.

Strategic Treasury Advisor

A market leading organization with a significant infrastructural capital expenditure programme where funding, debt management, cash management and financial risk management are critical.

Internal Audit of Treasury

The Internal Audit Director of a FTSE 100 company wishes to provide comfort to the board that treasury matters are effectively managed and controlled in the organisation.

Treasury Review

A multi-lateral agency issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) to select and engage a professional treasury services provider to undertake a study of treasury management.

Foreign Currency Risk

A utility company has significant foreign currency exposures arising from the purchase of foreign currency denominated commodities and foreign currency investments.

Regional Bank & Global Overlay Cash Management Service Provider Selection & Implementation

A multi-national corporation wishes to implement a regional cash and liquidity structure using a single bank service provider.