Cash Reporting & Forecasting

Insightful reporting for practical day-to-day decision-making and for longer-term strategic planning

Having visibility over cash balances and insight into future cash flows is an essential element of financial management for any organisation.  However, accessing accurate and meaningful information relating to cash flows quickly becomes complex in international organisations.

FTI Treasury offers a cash reporting and forecasting service to clients that produces insightful reporting that can be used both for practical day-to-day decision-making and for longer-term strategic planning.  Our solution uses market-leading cash reporting and forecasting software to consolidate relevant data in bespoke client-specific formats, allowing our clients to understand exactly where their cash resources are held at any point in time and how cash flows and balances will change in the future.

We integrate data from client ERP systems, Banking Systems, SWIFT, Treasury Management Systems and Payroll Systems in order to automate the reporting and forecasting process as much as possible.  We deploy web-based applications to ensure global access to both view and input cash data, ensuring relevant reporting is available on consolidated, business line and business unit levels.

Reporting output includes:

  • Daily Cash Reporting:  Easily identify the total cash position across your organisation through single systems.  Identify the currency mix of cash balances, bank exposures and where excess cash is being held at a local level.
  • Short-Term Forecasting:  Short-term forecasting for 10-15 business days, allowing you to take practical treasury actions such as ensuring adequate short-term funding is in place, ensuring the correct currency mix of short-term funding, managing short-term investments in line with forecast projections, managing FX liquidity swaps and cash pool management.
  • Medium Term Forecasting: Insightful reporting over the 2-6 month period to ensure forecasting remains in line with budgeted expectations and funding expectations.
  • Long Term Forecasting: Forecasting over the  6-24 month period to allow for strategic business planning, management of debt funding requirements and management of shareholder capital expectations.

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We help our clients implement these processes including data integration and consolidation. Our experience in this rea means that we can deploy a meaningful solution within a short time frame to meet client expectations and requirements.