Inter-Company Loan Administration

Empowering Your Financial Ecosystem

Loans are recorded on a dedicated Treasury Management System for balance tracking and interest allocation purposes.

Our flexible approach to loan administration makes sure that we can meet your requirements in relation to documentation, drawdown and repayment processing, interest rate resets, hedging and reporting.

In addition to these services, our commitment extends to providing automated accounting files for effortless integration into your accounting/ERP system. This ensures a seamless flow of information across your financial infrastructure, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

FTI Treasury is your trusted partner, offering expertise in loan tracking, exposure management, accounting, reporting, and controls that bring an added layer of sophistication to your financial operations. Choose FTI Treasury to revolutionize your Inter-Company Loan Administration with solutions that go beyond expectations.

FTI Treasury Case Study Manufacturing Sector

Case Study

Manufacturing global company expanding in new markets. To identify a reliable partner company with the expertise and skill set to support the corporate treasury role in Ireland.

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FTI Treasury provides expertise in loan tracking, exposure management, accounting and reporting, and controls where it otherwise does not exist in our company.”