Cash, FX & Inter-Company Management

FTI Treasury Case Study Manufacturing Sector
Client Profile

A global company based in the United States.

Client Problem

The company has a US-based treasury team but needs expert resources in Europe to manage, process, and account for the transactions of the finance company.  It is concerned about taking on an expanded international team’s costs and resourcing challenges.

FTI Treasury Solution

FTI Treasury provides the following services:

  • Daily Cash & Liquidity Management
  • Management of ZBA structure with concentration & ZBA accounts
  • FX Exposure Management
  • Intra Group Financing and loan administration
  • Intra Group Netting
  • Back Office checking, confirmations, reconciliation  and settlement:
  • Preparation of monthly Management Accounts
  • Submission of accounting file for integration to client ERP system
  • Management and co-ordination of A

Main Client Benefits:

  • A dedicated international treasury function with the expert resources, technology and best practice processing necessary to meet requirements.
  • No concerns about staffing, technology and administration.
  • Added value from technology integration capability and comfort from a ‘safe pair hands’.
  • The FTI Treasury solution is significantly more cost effective.

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