FTI Treasury Podcast | Episode 3 Hedge Accounting – Practical Considerations for Common Treasury Activities

January 29, 2024

FTI Treasury Podcast

In our third episode, titled “Hedge Accounting – Practical Considerations for Common Treasury Activities,” we focus on various facets of hedge accounting, equipping you with the knowledge required to make well-informed decisions for your organization’s needs. Justin Callaghan, CEO at FTI Treasury, engages in a comprehensive discussion with Marie Gaynor, Treasury Accounting Manager at FTI Treasury.

Key Topics Explored:

  1. Understanding Hedge Accounting:
    • Purpose and Achievements: Delving into the fundamental concepts, the video explores the purpose and potential benefits of hedge accounting in treasury management.
    • Accounting Standards: Our experts break down the main standards governing hedge accounting, providing clarity on their implications for treasury activities.
  2. IFRS vs. USGAAP:
    • Given the global nature of business, understanding the nuances of hedge accounting under different regulatory frameworks is crucial. The conversation explores the similarities and differences between hedge accounting practices under IFRS and USGAAP.
  3. Common Treasury Activities and Hedge Accounting:
    • Applications of Hedge Accounting: Highlighting its potency in the treasury toolkit, the discussion focuses on common treasury activities where hedge accounting is applied, offering practical insights into its implementation.
  4. The Nuts and Bolts of Hedge Accounting:
    • Time and Complexity: Addressing a key concern, Justin and Marie share valuable perspectives on the level of complexity involved and the time commitment required, aiding treasury professionals in making informed decisions.
  5. Advice for Beginners:
    • Getting Started: Tailored for those new to the field or contemplating a hedge accounting strategy, the video provides valuable advice, insights into initial steps, potential challenges, and strategies for success.

Join us for an enriching discussion that promises to enhance your understanding of hedge accounting and provide actionable insights for effective treasury management.


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