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FTI Treasury Case Study Medical Devices Sector
Client Profile

A successful Northern European-based multinational company.

Client Problem

The Group Treasurer is concerned about finding and maintaining treasury expertise in his rural headquarters and having sufficient expertise to create segregation of duties between front-office transaction execution, back-office settlement, and reporting.

FTI Treasury Solution

FTI Treasury provides:

  • A Treasury front office service covering daily cash management, FX execution, inter-company lending and netting, and transaction recording, all operating with the treasurer’s and company’s policy and procedural framework.
  • Back  office services for settlement, reconciliation, confirmations, and cash pool administration within a segregation of duties environment.
  • Independent middle office accounting and reporting with month-end accounting entries, MTM, and hedge accounting reporting, integrated into the in-house ERP system.
  • A treasury technology infrastructure with remote access to the company to deliver all of the functionality to meet the group’s treasury requirements.

Main client’s benefits:

  • A full treasury organization to deliver the group treasurer’s and company requirements.
  • The important control configuration and segregation of duties desired.
  • The ability to focus on strategic treasury matters and have no concerns about obtaining resources, maintaining technology.
  • Comfort from the SSAE 18 Type 2 Report external accreditation in FTI Treasury.

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