FTI Treasury Talks: Hedge Accounting – Practical Considerations for Common Treasury Activities

January 16, 2024

FTI Treasury Talks Video - Hedge Accounting

“FTI Treasury Talks: Conversations with the Experts” series aims to provide valuable insights and practical strategies in the fields of Treasury Outsourcing, In-House Banking Solutions, and Corporate Services.

In this third talk, “Hedge Accounting – Practical Considerations for Common Treasury Activities,” our panel of experts is set to illuminate various facets of hedge accounting, equipping you with the knowledge required to make well-informed decisions for your organization’s needs.

When it comes to managing hedge accounting, treasurers and accountants involved in everyday treasury tasks need to carefully think about how it practically impacts their work, making sure it aligns with accounting standards and helps manage risks effectively. Striking a balance between the complexities of hedging strategies and the specific details of treasury operations is crucial to promote financial transparency and ensure compliance.

Justin Callaghan, CEO at FTI Treasury, engages in a comprehensive discussion with Marie Gaynor, Treasury Accounting Manager at FTI Treasury, will cover the following topics:

  1. Understanding Hedge Accounting.
  2. Common Treasury Activities and Hedge Accounting
  3. The Nuts and Bolts of Hedge Accounting
  4. Advice for Beginners


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