FTI Treasury Talks: Using In-House Banks to Manage Foreign Exchange Risk

July 3, 2024

FTI Treasury Talk #5: Using In-House Banks to Manage Foreign Exchange Risk

“FTI Treasury Talks: Conversations with the Experts” series aims to provide valuable insights and practical strategies in the fields of Treasury Outsourcing, In-House Banking Solutions, and Corporate Services.

The fifth talk, “Using In-House Banks to Manage Foreign Exchange Risk,” offers valuable insights into Centralizing foreign exchange (FX) risk management within an in-house banking structure and the advantages for organizations. This talk explores the strategies, benefits, and best practices for implementing an effective FX risk management program within this framework.

Justin Callaghan, CEO at FTI Treasury, engages in a comprehensive discussion with Shane O’Keeffe, Head of Innovation at FTI Treasury and Eileen Murray, Front Office Senior Manager at FTI Treasury, will cover the following topics:

  • Benefits of In-House Banking for FX Risk Management
  • Common FX Hedging Strategies
  • Data Sources for Balance Sheet Hedging
  • Key Integrations for FX Risk Management
  • Advantages of Specialist Lending Systems
  • Data Sources for Cash Flow Hedging
  • Frequency of Hedge Rolling
  • Back-to-Back vs. Consolidated Hedging
  • Benefits of Intercompany Netting
  • Advantages of In-House Banking for Intercompany Netting
  • Key Takeaway for Starting FX Risk Management