Operational Management of In-House Banking

FTI Treasury Case Study

Client Profile: US Headquartered company operating in the medical devices sector with annual revenue of approximately $17 billion and global operations in 75 countries.

Client Problem: This client had a complex global multi-currency zero balancing arrangement in place which required active management on a daily basis. In addition to this the company had a large intercompany loan portfolio which needed to be managed and also required intercompany netting services for 100 participating subsidiaries.

FTI Solution: FTI on boarded this client and currently manages the daily multi-currency cash flows arising from the zero balancing arrangement in place. We manage all FX risk associated with these flows by hedging to base currency releasing this cash for use by Head Office on a daily basis.

We also manage the daily cash floss associated with the intercompany loan portfolio and track all balances on our treasury management systems. Statements are provided to all participating entities to facilitate their accounting and reconciliation process.

FTI provide an intercompany netting services to this client including software and system administration and resulting in significant $ savings for the client.

All accounting, reporting and audit support is also provided.


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