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FTI Treasury Case Study


The two main challenges are to undertake an objective and impartial review of policy, and to find the time within a busy schedule to assess and develop the procedures properly.

FTI Solution

Based on a detail review of the business and financial risks and objectives of the Group, FTI Treasury developed a treasury policy addressing each of the following areas so that they contribute to the Group’s business and financial objectives:

  • Treasury Management Objectives and Principles
  • Corporate Control Framework
  • Treasury Policy Statements for all Treasury Activities
  • Operational Internal Controls
  • Approval schedules for specific items

Procedures were reviewed, assessed, upgraded and documented by:

  • Understanding the business context from the policy review
  • Understanding the treasury infrastructure in respect of technology, roles and responsibilities and authority
  • Walk through daily processes and procedures with front line personnel in respect of all treasury activities
  • Recommend upgrades to existing procedures that enhance the operational control environment.
  • Documenting, illustrating and validating existing procedures in a structured and logical manner.

Client Benefits

The organization has a treasury policy that is relevant to their objectives and ‘fit for purpose’, and it can be approved by the board based on an independent assessment.

Procedures are in line with a best practice control environment and are documented for clarity, knowledge share and staff training purposes.


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