Regional Bank & Global Overlay Cash Management Service Provider Selection & Implementation

FTI Treasury Case Study


The company wishes to use using a single bank service provider to provide banking and liquidity management services for each region (EMEAI, Americas and AsiaPac). The corporation also wants to implement a multi-bank multi currency overlay structure. However the company does not have the breadth and depth of expertise required to evaluate the bank offerings and does not have incremental capacity to implement the required solution on time.

FTI Treasury Solution

The main tasks undertaken by FTI Treasury were:

  • Data collection from group and subsidiary companies required to present to banks
  • Recommend and agree a cash management design with client and stakeholders to meeting their specific requirements.
  • Customize and upgrade Request for Proposal (RFP) from FTI library of RFP templates.
  • Review and critique the written proposals presented by the banks, and evaluate the RFP responses against the agreed selection criteria.
  • Undertake a comparative analysis of the pricing proposals.
  • Prepare project plan and project management methodology for project implementation and agree with stakeholders.
  • Take the lead project management role on behalf of the client with a task to take ownership of the delivery on time.

Client Benefits

Access to expert knowledge from a team of professional resources who ‘have done it before’.

Achieve implementation within the planned timeframe so that the benefits of the new cash management structures are secured as early as possible.


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