Strategic Treasury Advisor

FTI Treasury Case Study

A market leading organization with a significant infrastructural capital expenditure programme where funding, debt management, cash management and financial risk management are critical to sound financial viability and performance.


Access to specialist financial market expertise that does not exist in-house who have up-to-date practical knowledge of market developments and practice.

FTI Solution

FTI Treasury formally reviews the organization’s treasury management activities on a quarterly basis and presents a formal evaluation to the Board on:

  • Funding and debt portfolio analysis
  • Counterparty and exposure analysis
  • Corporate and operational cash analysis
  • Analysis of asset yields and terms
  • Interest rate risk analysis
  • FX exposure analysis
  • Financial markets
  • Hedge effectiveness reporting
  • Accounting and compliance
  • Policy update and business profile

FTI is available to the organisation on an ad-hoc basis to advise on treasury matters that arise between formal meetings.

FTI will also proactively contact the company if we identify a potential impact/risk or opportunity for the company.

Client Benefits

A structured approach to continuous review of critical financial risks.

Direct access to financial market expertize as required.


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