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FTI Treasury Case Study Manufacturing Sector
Client Profile

A well-established manufacturing company operating in different countries.

Client Problem

The company manages and executes its own treasury from a centralized treasury unit. The concept of outsourcing treasury back office arose when a significant investment was required to replace legacy technology while at the same time there were challenges in recruiting and retaining specialist back office resources.

FTI Treasury Solution

Provision of full technology infrastructure:

  • Treasury System (TMS), Cash flow forecasting; Intra-group netting; Bank account integration, Payment integration; SAP integration; confirmation integration; automated functionality.
  • Technology maintenance, support, upgrade, business continuity, audit.

Complete responsibility for treasury back and middle office roles:

  • Transaction record control – checks, confirmations and matching, reconciliation
  • Transaction settlement
  • Global bank account data integration
  • Accounting files output and integration with SAP
  • Mark to market and hedge accounting
  • Regulatory reporting – EMIR, Dodd Frank

FTI Treasury integrates seamlessly with the in-house treasury function. The main benefits were:

  • Technology headaches are eliminated.
  • A team of specialists provide ongoing expertise and support tailored to the client’s specific requirements.
  • Corporate governance is improved through greater segregation of duties.
  • Objective expertize is constantly available to support ongoing and development treasury projects.
  • The FTI Treasury solution is significantly more cost effective.

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