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Client Profile

A fast-growing global enterprise looking.

Client Problem

The challenge was ensuring that all personnel in the treasury management value chain have a good understanding of all treasury aspects, contribute to their personal development, and enhance the individual’s ability to contribute to the process.

FTI Treasury Solution

FTI Treasury customized and presented an on-site training programme for a group of 25 people covering treasury management activities, infrastructure, and organization.  Specifically, it included:

  • Treasury organisation roles and responsibilities
  • Investment Management and Funding
  • Interest Rate Risk Management
  • FX Risk Management
  • Fundamentals of Treasury Calculations
  • Cash and Liquidity Management
  • Treasury Accounting
  • Treasury Policy and Performance
  • Case Studies

Comprehensive material was provided to all participants and the opportunity to discuss and consider each of these areas within the context of their own organization was facilitated. Main client’s benefits:

  • Business performance is improved as a result of a deeper understanding of the context of each role.
  • The commitment to staff development and training improves staff morale and motivation
  • The organization demonstrates to the workforce that they value them enough to invest in them, improving loyalty and staff retention.
  • Individuals acquire new skills and increase their contribution to the business.

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