Treasury Review

FTI Treasury Case Study Regulatory Sector
Client Profile

A multi-lateral agency.

Client Problem

The agency issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) to select and engage a professional treasury services provider to study treasury management at the organization. Sponsors must be comfortable that financial and treasury practices in the organization operate to the best international standards. An independent and objective assessment of the important treasury activities of foreign currency management, cash management, and cash investments and policy, strategy, procedures, organization, systems, accounting and audit. This study also required that current arrangements are benchmarked against other organizations.

FTI Treasury Solution

An integrated, structured, and professional approach to:

  • Organizing and managing the review in an efficient manner by clarifying and agreeing:
    • the precise project scope
    • key assumptions, dependencies, and risks
    • a timeframe for completion of key milestones
    • the key stakeholders and contacts in an individual/group to be interviewed
  • Customizing a benchmarking framework from FTI’s best practice IP
  • Reviewing and gathering information from:
    • Business, finance & treasury documentation
    • On-site meetings with key stakeholders
  • Analysis and benchmarking of the treasury activities and infrastructure
  • Presentation and discussion of the findings, conclusions and appropriate recommendations for consideration by the organization
  • Development of a treasury blueprint to strengthen the organization’s treasury management and identify how improvements can be introduced in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Client Benefits:

  • A comprehensive and independent assessment of treasury management at the organization.
  • A blueprint for treasury management for the future and a detailed action plan on how to implement the improvements in a practical and efficient manner.

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