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FTI Treasury FMCG Sector Case Study
Client Profile

North America Headquartered company operating in the FMCG sector with over 22,000 employees globally and sales in over 160 countries.

Client Problem

This client was looking for a solution to manage all of the back office and accounting processes associated with their global treasury operations and to have access to a robust treasury systems infrastructure.  Their requirements were to create a world class treasury infrastructure which was reliable and cost effective. 

FTI Treasury Solution

The treasury front office dealing and strategy development of this client is managed in house with FTI Treasury providing full systems, accounting and administrative support.

FTI Treasury provide this client with full access to a Treasury Management System which is integrated with all dealing, settlement and ERP systems. All trades executed by the clients Front Office team are input to this system either by SFTP (when traded electronically) or manually.

FTI Treasury then manage all of the back office and accounting processes associated with these deals. From a Back Office perspective this includes electronic confirmation, trade settlements, bank reconciliations, bank statement integrations, cash flow forecasting integration and portfolio reconciliations.  Both standard accounting and complex hedge accounting are provided to the client via an SFTP link with an information formatted to integrate directly with the clients ERP system.

This is estimated to have saved the client at least 4 FTE’s and also the requirement to maintain a Treasury Management System.

This solution means that the client has access to a full team of back and middle office expert resources and treasury systems without needing to worry about personnel or IT issues.  This solution has been fully scalable from his client as their treasury requirements have grown with the company.

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